desperate 基本解释


形容词绝望的; 由绝望而引起的; 铤而走险的,孤注一掷的; 急切的,极度渴望的

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1. desperate是什么意思

1. He was desperate when he lost all his money.


2. A desperate man will stop at nothing to get what he wants.


3. He was desperate for work to provide for a large family.


4. The man lost in the desert was desperate for water.


5. desperate

5. His failure made him desperate.


desperate 网络解释

1. 绝望:我感觉到自己渐渐失去了对文字的控制能力,根本无法我文字捕捉到脑中一瞬而逝的意象. 偶尔拼命写几个字,言不及义,悲痛得要命,却持续不了多久. 以前是悲观,后来是绝望(DESPERATE) 而现在是麻木. 麻木也好,不会有多大苦痛,即使迫害再深,亦无多大欣喜,即使垂青再意外.

2. 沮丧:这些中年工人主角的表情近乎麻木,如同木偶,然而从他们的瞳孔中绝望的精光反射当中,我们仿佛瞥见他们深切渴望却失落而无奈的灵魂,那是一个个被生活浇熄了热能的灵魂,一个个沮丧(Desperate)而疲惫(Exhausted)的灵魂,


3. 绝望,不顾死活的:despair 失望,绝望 | desperate 绝望,不顾死活的 | despondency 意气消沈,失望

4. 令人绝望的,危急的:design计划;设计 | desperate令人绝望的,危急的 | despite憎恨,轻视

desperate 双语例句

1. Because they seem to be able to solve any problems and overcome any difficulties. In some sense they are the non-religious version of the mighty Lord. It's only natural that we like to imagine having somebody like that in our lives, ready to help us out when we are desperate.


2. A BBC correspondent in the country whom we can't name for security reasons says many people are still in desperate need.


3. desperate是什么意思

3. Delany said is played among word-oriented people on the set of Desperate Housewives.


4. People are puzzled at this, but I figure if the world comes to an end and I'm desperate for a snack, I don't want to hand over a whole ingot for a cheese sandwich.


5. desperate

5. Attend to be at the hands of sb.

在某方面有困难干某事有困难吸取教训对…负责,对…承担责任设法得到因某事与某人会晤照顾/照看/接待顾客在某人手中受折磨从前/一度依次/每次疑似病例防护服得出结论对…持批判态度在合适的时机带着…的目的进口税弄懂使想起,提醒 118 119 120 121 122 123 124 125 126 94 95 96 97 believe in oneself more of A than B 对自己有自信不像 B 而更具有 A 127 128 的特点 a desperate criminal be honest with sb。

6. desperate的意思

6. No I did not think of suicidal, but I did feel disappoint and desperate.


7. His time is running out and He is desperate.


8. The globalisation of unrestrained free market, rapacious capitalism by this economic institutional structure has produced inequality and insecurity in the west, desperate poverty in the developing world and a sequence of brutal wars causing immense human suffering.



9. Because price transparency is squeezing margins, argues Sid DeBoer of Lithia, one of the country's biggest carretailers, dealers are now desperate to find ways that the internet can help them. He is convinced that online sales

Lithia公司的Sid DeBoer认为,价格的透明化把会把经销商的边际利润挤干,所以现在经销商正在不顾一切地从网络寻找对他们有利的方法改进。

10. desperate的近义词

10. ABSTRACT: Desperate and absurdism, run through the important idea of the predicament about surviving in the whole China and Western literature phenomenon of the 20th century.

摘 要 绝望与荒诞,是贯穿于整个二十世纪中西方文学现象中关于生存困境的重要理念。


11. Jerry Macquire holds his fish-mouthed lips against those of Beverly Pan's in a desperate manner as he ain't-wanna-waste-a-sec pushes her along onto the mattress of the bed.


12. We had to resort to desperate measures.


13. Where most people saw nothing but a hardened criminal, Audrey saw a lonely and desperate man.



14. This shot is a desperate visualisation of my fear.


15. desperate在线翻译

15. The government encourages people to get rich, thus greatly prompting the people`s desperate pursuit of material wealth.


16. Men have been known to do desperate things...


17. The Haitian government's Mars and Kline Psychiatric Center was founded in 1958, which might be when its wards received their last coat of paint, and was in a desperate situation even before the January 12 catastrophe.


18. DeNiro had read his autobiography and was desperate to bring this story to the screen.


19. desperate什么意思

19. This is good for profit margins, but not for the millions of desperate job seekers.


20. Bastard! Ban Regis Robert Bucher, the same desperate situation.


desperate 词典解释

1. (因绝望而)孤注一掷的,铤而走险的,拼命的

If you are desperate, you are in such a bad situation that you are willing to try anything to change it.

e.g. Troops are needed to help get food into Kosovo where people are in desperate need...


e.g. Desperate with anxiety, Bob and Hans searched the whole house...



Thousands are desperately trying to leave their battered homes.


2. 极需要的;渴望的

If you are desperate for something or desperate to do something, you want or need it very much indeed.

e.g. They'd been married nearly four years and June was desperate to start a family...


e.g. People are desperate for him to do something.



He was a boy who desperately needed affection.


3. 极困难的;极严重的;极危险的

A desperate situation is very difficult, serious, or dangerous.

e.g. India's United Nations ambassador said the situation is desperate...


e.g. I decided not to abandon John when he was in such a desperate position.


desperate 单语例句

1. Desperate to save as much as possible, she has started buying tuna canned in China because they cost less.

2. Hundreds of Beijing students are hitting the gym in a desperate bid to boost their chances of being accepted by the school of their choice.

3. Desperate crowds formed by the thousands and some pushed and shoved after weeks of stifling fuel shortages.

4. But Aristide was overthrown in 1991, and Haitians took to the seas by the thousands in a desperate exodus to Florida.

5. Halle has previously admitted she is desperate to have a baby by the time she turns 40 - which is next month.

6. Brown's cabinet reshuffle is viewed as a desperate move to regain voters'confidence and his authority and strength in the government.

7. They're both being a bit cagey and stubborn but they're desperate to see one another.

8. The desperate old man could do nothing but call out his daughter's name across the sea every day and night.

9. Banned at the start of the " cultural revolution ", pawn shops were considered a form of capitalist exploitation preying on poor and desperate people.

10. The former'Desperate Housewives'actress is a huge fan of the late blonde beauty as she just oozed beauty and sex appeal.